The WheelieSafe™ Electric

  • WheelieSafe Electric with Two Bins Abreast

The WheelieSafe Electric can be of enormous assistance to older and less able people who wish to remain independent when it comes to putting out the bins. It does all the work and takes the tilt load as well. Others, with steep uphill journeys to the kerb, will find the WheelieSafe Electric especially useful.

Battery power, combined with a third wheel, eliminates the need for you to push and take any load on your back at the same time. You can relax and concentrate on controlling the speed and steering the unit safely. Two bins can be carried easily at the same time, either abreast or piggyback if narrow gates or doorways need to be negotiated.

The trolley comes with a Handling Bracket that enables three bins to be carried in a triangular formation. An additional handling bracket is available that allows four empty or lightly laden bins to be moved, locked into a ‘four-square’ formation.

The WheelieSafe Electric uses the same method to load and unload bins as our manual trolleys and you can see this demonstrated by clicking on the Demonstration Video on our home page. The cost of the trolley can be shared among neighbors who have a similar need.

The WheelieSafe Electric can also be used to move other loads - not just your wheelie bins!

Key Features

  • Dual 24-volt 180-watt electric motors operating through worm drives directly onto the axle
  • Driven by dual 12 volt long life sealed lead acid batteries mounted in series
  • Dual 12v x 7.6ah batteries
  • Up to 50 minutes of continuous operation
  • Powered in forward and reverse
  • Two speeds: slow for maneuvering in confined spaces, and fast (up to brisk walking pace) for covering distance
  • Gearing provides effective braking, with emergency magnetic brake
  • High quality pneumatic tyres
  • Folding stand that minimizes its footprint when not in use
  • 240v battery charger and battery condition gauge
  • Free-wheeling hubs allow movement manually when unladen to conserve battery power
Failsafe Braking
One Bin from any side
Two bins Piggy Backed
Two Bins Abreast
Three Bins
Four Bins
Dolly Wheel
HD Battery


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