The WheelieSafe™ Manual

  • WheelieSafe Manual Bin Trolley Hero three quarters
  • WheelieSafe Manual Bin Trolley with One Bin Front
  • WheelieSafe Manual Bin Trolley with Two Bins Side
  • WheelieSafe Manual Bin Trolley with Three Bins (Rear)

Our basic model, it can handle bin sizes from 120L to 360L. As well as single or multiple bins it will handle combinations of bin sizes as well. Bins can be carried abreast or ‘piggyback’ to fit through a gate or standard doorway. As well as handling multiple bins the trolley takes the tilt load on its third wheel eliminating the OH&S risk to operator’s back if a bin is tilted too far.

The trolley comes with a Handling Bracket that enables three bins to be carried in a triangular formation. An additional handling bracket is available that allows four lightly laden bins to be moved, locked into a ‘four-square’ formation.

The WheelieSafe Manual has a failsafe braking system that prevents heavy bins getting out of control on a slope. It large puncture proof tyres assist on difficult terrain and move your bins quietly.

Picking up the bins is facilitated by WheelieSafe’s patented hook system which provides almost effortless loading.

Key Features

  • Patented Bin Hooks enabe almost effortless loading of wheelie bins
  • Third wheel takes the 'tilt' load, preventing back or hand injuries
  • Failsafe braking, a quick squeeze of the handle by either hand releases the brake
  • Heavy Duty Puncture Proof Tyres provide stability and smooth, quiet handling on any surface
  • Controlled, multiple bin handling saves time and effort
Failsafe Braking
One Bin from any side
Two bins Piggy Backed
Two Bins Abreast
Three Bins
Four Bins
Dolly Wheel
HD Battery


+ Freight