WheelieSafe Trolley Adaptations

WheelieSafe trolleys have proved themselves to be a fantastic basis for further adaptations and modifications for our customers needs. Here are some examples of how our trolleys have been modified for different purposes.


Street Vacuum Cleaner

Applied Cleansing Solutions of Noble Park in Melbourne adapted the WheelieSafe Dolly Trolley to lift and carry their 240L bin-mounted street vacuum cleaner. Prior to the adaptation of the WheelieSafe Dolly Trolley the company used a four-wheeled platform with a loading ramp and towbar, which was both heavy and cumbersome to operate.

The ability of the Dolly Trolley to load the bin mounted machine and to provide an easy means of moving it as the cleaning process proceeded greatly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of the machine.


Stackable Chair Transport

WheelieSafe Pty Ltd developed a simple sling for a client faced with moving large numbers of stackable chairs in and out of an auditorium.

The WheelieSafe Dolly Trolley can carry up to nine stackable chairs at once which is a considerable improvement on the ability of a single person.

Possibly more important, trolley transport removes the risk of wrist and forearm injury present when moving chairs by hand.

The sling can be adapted to carrying a wide variety of stackable chairs.


Crate Carrier

Tathra Beach House in Southern NSW adapted the WheelieSafe Electric Bin Trolley to picking up laundry crates from around their site and moving them to the laundry. The ‘L’-shaped frame mimics the rear of a 240L bin, which allows the trolley to load the frame as it would a bin.

The frame can carry up to seven laundry crates. When not in use carrying crates the frame can be parked leaving the WheelieSafe Electric free to perform its intended function of transporting up to four wheelie bins at a time to kerb.

The trolley operates in forward and reverse and its powerful twin 12v, 180W motors can move loads exceeding 100 kgs up steep slopes. The trolley has two speeds and an emergency braking system.