WheelieSafe Dolley and Multi TrolleysThe WheelieSafe™ Wheelie Bin Trolley is an Australian invention.

The WheelieSafe™ Trolley is the creation of Tasmanian entrepreneur and inventor, Brian Stafford. Brian realised that whilst wheelie bins have multiplied residentially and expanded into a wide range of industrial environments (with OH&S implications), their design has not developed or evolved to meet the needs of these new applications. He also realised that there was a need for an affordable management system that allowed for safer, quicker handling of multiple wheelie bins, both in residential and industrial situations.

Three years of design development went into the creation of the WheelieSafe™ system. Hobart based Industrial Designers INNOVATAS were commissioned to develop the design of the trolley system and source a cost effective manufacturer. The result is a unique product that can service DIN standard refuse bins of differing sizes and manufacturers worldwide.

WheelieSafe Pty Ltd is an independent product development enterprise specialising in waste and recycled materials handling.
WheelieSafe™ is a registered trade mark. WheelieSafe™ products are protected by patent applications and it is our goal to licence our products worldwide.